As part of this year’s Citi Global Community Day, we will be volunteering at Haven House Children’s Hospice. If you are unable to give your time for Community Day but would like to contribute in another way, we will also be aiming to raise £2,910 to allow Haven House to buy the following items on their Wish List:

6 Bedroom Lamps £120
Soft lighting for night-times at Haven House, to allow the nurses to read bedtime stories to the children in a relaxing and calm light. Also, when medication needs to be administered at night, these lamps would allow the nurses to pop into the children’s rooms without disturbing them when they are getting a good night’s sleep.

6 Dyson tower fans £1,914
As Haven House is a former family home, there is no central air conditioning. The bedrooms can get really hot in the summer months and for the children with allergies it can’t be solved just by opening the window. The Dyson tower fans will keep the bedrooms cool and are also very quiet so won’t disturb the sleep the children need.

4 iPads £876
Having a number of iPads to use in the hospice is a real wish list item. The hospice would not be able to buy iPad’s themselves but they would give them the opportunity for 121 activities and games with the children!

All of these items would make a huge difference to the children’s lives at Haven House and any contribution, large or small, would be greatly appreciated!

If donations exceed £2,910, additional funds will be used by Haven House in accordance with its charitable objectives.