Since joining The Media People I’ve been known for two things..

Being late and long hair.

I’ve decided its time for things to change and from now on I will only be known for being late!

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, help two great charities (Haven House Children's Hospice and Little Princess Trust) and .. SHAVE MY HAIR OFF!

Since joining the media people I have seen some really great work go into raising money for Haven House and I’ve decided its my turn to do my part.

So in the name of sacrifice and absurdity I have decided to shave my hair off if you can raise £700!

And as an added bonus, I will even shave off my cherished beard if you can raise a total of £1000!

My hair will be donated to the Little Princess Trust who will turn it into wigs for children with cancer.

The highest donation gets to shave my head.. (after hair has been cut for Little Princess Trust) So dig deep and get donating!’