Families want to be together at home over Christmas. It’s not always easy for families to travel to and from the hospice, especially when children have complex conditions and needs. 

  • The Gift of Family Time - £20 can go towards support at home by our specialist care team, giving a family more precious time together this Christmas.

  • The Gift of Play - £35 could pay for one session of play for a child to enjoy with our specialist Play Co-ordinator.

  • The Gift of Music - £75 pays for one session for a child to experience the joy of music through sound and encourage interaction with Music Therapist.

Every Christmas wish you send will be passed on to our children and families. 

Annabelle is three years old and has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA Type 1). Together with hospice at home visits, physiotherapy, play and music therapy, Haven House has helped Annabelle and her family re-build what they thought they had lost at diagnosis.

When Annabelle was six months, she stopped reaching and kicking her legs and she became quiet. After multiple trips to the doctors, Annabelle became severely ill, and was admitted to hospital. On the day before Christmas Eve Mum, Michelle and Dad, Chris were given the devastating news of Annabelle’s diagnosis. They were told that Annabelle would not walk, talk or eat and wouldn’t live past the age of just 18-months, they were heartbroken and helpless.

We will never forget that Christmas. All our hopes and dreams for Annabelle stopped that day. What was meant to be a magical time instead became the agonising possibility that this could be our first, and last, Christmas together.

Michelle, Annabelle's Mum

(SMA Type 1) causes progressive muscle weakness, loss of movement, difficulty swallowing. Constant physiotherapy is crucial to help her improve movement and the hospice has been providing Annabelle with regular sessions. Annabelle would not have made the progress that she has without Haven House.

Katie, a hospice nurse, visits Annabelle at home and offers her support and help when it is needed.

Christmas is an emotional time for Michelle and Chris. There is always a tinge of sadness, however, they make it as magical as possible for Annabelle and love nothing more than being at home together as a family.

Haven House appeal

Haven House helps around 370 children every year, but it is estimated that there are 2,000 more who need support and could be helped. 81% of our donations comes from people like you and it is the reason the hospice exists.

Thank you. Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year.