What could you not live without?

We are here to ensure families never feel alone during the most difficult times. The parents we support often tell us that we are their lifeline, and that they don't know where they'd be without us. 

For many, this could mean a mobile phone, the internet, car or even a summer family holiday. But for families caring for seriously ill children with complex and unpredictable conditions the answer is very different.

We regularly hear families say that caring for a child with a life-limiting condition can be isolating and at times lonely. Daily life for the whole family can become challenging as their whole world changes after a diagnosis, with many giving up work to stay at home. Parents often provide round-the-clock care with little sleep for both them and their child. One mother described her son being awake for 20 hours a day, with another having to monitor his child’s breathing every hour in case she needed oxygen or was at risk of choking.

Most people don’t think twice about popping out to the supermarket – for our families it is difficult to ‘pop’ anywhere sometimes due to the heavy equipment they need to transport with them – every journey takes huge planning and effort. The emotional and physical strain can lead some parents to breaking point.

A cuppa, a night out with friends or a good night’s sleep become impossible. That’s why parents tell us they can’t live without Haven House. In our recent family survey 92% of parents said Haven House improves the quality of their child’s life.

Watch our video with Dr. Ranj, highlighting two very special families, supported by our care team.

Literally when we had nothing or nowhere to turn to as a family, Haven House were the ones that offered us more than a helping hand. They have always been there in other challenging moments. They are truly a lifeline to us, especially when we are at crisis point. 

Sylvia, Malachi's mum

Haven House Children

Our skilled nursing team care for children in the hospice and at home, giving parents a break. Anything from a few hours or a full day away from caring helps parents stay well and feel better able to cope. 81% of our support comes from the public, if it was not for the generous support of people like you we could not continue to help children in our area

A £20 donation could help provide care to a child, giving their parents a few hours to rest or spend time with other loved ones. Helping families take a break matters so much.

Please give what you can and help support local children and families who need us.