Working at Haven House sometimes feels as though it’s not work at all because it's so rewarding. The care we provide to our children and their families is not 9-5 and this also applies to our social media, fundraising events and volunteering.

I have been amazed at just how important social media has become for the success of our marketing. We no longer simply rely on using printed materials to connect with supporters. We use a variety of digital channels to make connections and we love to engage with people in this way, keeping an eye on what may be the next big thing.   

Helping to create the voice of our social media is motivating but it can also be difficult because of the nature of some of our family stories. First and foremost is respecting privacy and dignity. Families can find it empowering to talk about the daily challenges they face in caring for their children and how we help make a difference, but we always have to ensure they are ready to share their story.

I’ve often sat behind a camera with a mum telling us how she copes every day and the difficulties she faces and then watching her eyes light up when she talks about how relaxed and happy their child is when they are here. It’s powerful stuff. Being able to share the stories of our families is what drives me and it can take up your thoughts when you leave the office. Our cause very easily becomes a passion which I know is shared amongst the team and so inevitably our marketing content is authentic. I believe that if you do not show empathy and gratitude your social media won’t work.

I mean every thank you whether it’s someone who has abseiled 500ft for a challenge event or dropped a few pounds in a bucket as part of a collection. Our social media reflects who we are as a hospice which is caring, fun, engaging, friendly and positive but with a serious and trusted voice.

Our social media channels are a window into Haven House and by taking a peek and sharing our stories with your friends and colleagues; you can help raise awareness of the difference that we make to life-limited children and their families every single day.

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