The life of a community fundraiser is varied, to say the least. In the last few months myself and my team have attended everything from a bowling match and fly-fishing competition to a school talent show and sponsored dog walk, a classical music concert and business expo to an Ascot day and bingo night.

Every week brings a new and unusual way that someone from our local community has thought of, to support our worthy charity.

I am often asked what the most rewarding part of my job is. I am lucky to say that I have many answers to this.

Meeting the families that we support and hearing how we have helped them through hard times will always be the best feeling imaginable. There are no words to describe the satisfaction I feel when working in the office and having my concentration broken by the sound of a child laughing through a music therapy session or enjoying our sensory garden.

However, one of the most amazing parts of my job is that every day I get to meet or speak to a supporter that is giving up their time, money or often both for the good of others.

I meet people with such busy lives, yet they still find the time to stand with a bucket once a month and collect spare change. I watch parents that have been through unimaginable heartache organise fundraising events so that they can help others going through the same.

I have met children that have donated their pocket money and pensioners that ask for donations rather than receiving birthday presents. I supported a teenager that chose to climb Mount Snowdon in her heels so people would sponsor her and a lady that chose to spend her birthday donating specialist toys to Haven House children in the morning and then helping at a local homeless shelter in the afternoon.

I regularly meet people going through the agony of organising the funeral of a loved one that have taken the time to contact us and arrange to raise money at that difficult time.

I met a man recently who organised a fundraising disco for all of his friends and family because his brother had been diagnosed with cancer and they all needed something positive to focus on.

150 friends and family came and the biggest smile of all was on his brother in the middle of the dance floor when they told me they had raised over £1,000 for Haven House.

I meet some of the kindest and most generous people in our community every single day. I think that makes me pretty lucky.

If you are part of a community group and would like to talk to Charlotte or members of her team about fundraising for Haven House please visit our fundraising pages or contact:

Charlotte Terry
Head of Community Engagement
020 8505 9944