What is Dry January? 

Dry January is an annual campaign which encourages people to give up alcohol for one month. Last year 5 million people in the UK went dry for January - that's one in six people! A healthy and balanced approach to mind and body is part of the ethos of hospice care. Dry January also drives a conversation about alcohol: why do we drink it, what does it do, and how can we reduce the harm it causes? 

Why get involved in Dry January? 

Dry January is for everyone who wants to become healthier and happier by resetting their relationship with alcohol. People who have tried Dry January report benefits including better sleep, weight loss, improved concentration and money saved - what better way to start the new year? It's also a great way to raise money for our hospice. 

How to sign up

1) Visit www.hospiceuk.org/dryjanuary and click 'Sign up'. 

2) Enter your details

3) Follow the link to set up your fundraising page

You can download the Dry January information pack here.