Join in with the World Cup spirit by taking part in our fun and easy sweepstake. 

Simply download the sweepstake before the tournament starts on Thursday 14 June 2018 and whip up some competitive spirit.

You can print off multiple copies of the poster and run a second or third sweepstake to boost your odds of winning!

Everyone who takes part pays to enter- we suggest a minimum of £2, they then pick a team out of the hat. You can then decide to either split the money with the winner and Haven House or you can donate all of the money to Haven House and buy a separate prize for the winner. Whatever you choose to do, it must be clear to participants before they enter.

Sweepstake Guidelines

  • All entries must be the same price
  • You cannot ask for entry donations outside of the premises where the sweepstake is taking place
  • If the sweepstake is taking place in an office, it can only take place in one office where all the participants work. If your company has multiple branches, each branch will need to run their own sweepstake for their staff. 

- Once the sweepstake is complete, please send funds raised to:

Football Sweepstake
Community Fundraising Team
Haven House Children's Hospice
The White House
Woodford Green

For more information on the rules of running your own fundraising sweepstake please visit the Gambling Commision Website or contact our Community Fundraising team at:

020 8506 3630