Haven House has become one of the first hospices to feature a family in a virtual reality (VR) film by Epic Foundation.

Produced by award-winning director, TG Herrington, the film gives a 360 degree viewpoint of the hospice in Woodford Green and can be experienced on YouTube, Facebook and Samsung and Google VR headsets.

The film shows Sarah Craige, from Dagenham, and her daughter, Georgia, enjoying Haven House’s sensory room, playing in the hospice’s grounds and making music with a xylophone in the arts and crafts room.

Georgia, who is 18, has an undiagnosed condition which confines her to a wheelchair. She has severe epilepsy, curvature of the spine (scoliosis) and progressive cerebellar hypoplasia, meaning her brain is deteriorating.

She is often seriously ill and is unlikely to live into adulthood. Since 2011 Georgia has attended Haven House where she receives regular one-to-one music therapy sessions and physiotherapy. She also comes to the hospice for day care and overnight stays.

Her mum, Sarah, said: “I hope this film by Epic Foundation can help raise awareness of what it’s like at a children’s hospice. It’s not the scary and depressing place that many people fear.

“Georgia doesn’t show a lot of reaction, but when she comes to Haven House she’s amazed by the music therapy. Taking her around the grounds in the fresh air is also lovely.

“As a special needs parent you try and give your child the best quality of life.

“Georgia can’t tell me how she feels, but I know she has happiness in her heart when she comes to Haven House.

“The staff are amazing and they are like one big family to us. To know that your child will be looked after well when you leave them here gives you such peace of mind.”

Mike Palfreman, Chief Executive of Haven House, said: “We are very grateful to Epic Foundation for producing such an exciting and innovative video.

“This is the first time we have been able to use VR to provide a window into our hospice and show the difference we make to families like Georgia and Sarah.

“Epic are strong supporters of Haven House and through their generosity they are helping us increase the number of life-limited children that we care for as part of our Vision 2020 strategy.”

Haven House relies on the generosity of business partners to raise funds for life-limited children and their families. If you would like to support our work please visit our corporate giving page.