Train for Chasing Pumpkins 10k

The Haven House Pumpkin Fest is set to be an amazing event – I was there for it in 2017, and with the new Chasing Pumpkins 10k run it’ll be bigger and better.Read more

Step inside our newly refurbished hospice

We are so grateful to the incredible generosity of our supporters who made it possible to transform our hospice.Read more

Making life better as a healthcare support worker

Being a healthcare support worker is so rewarding when you see the difference you make to children and their families every single day.Read more

Helping families during difficult times

'Everyone at Haven House works together to ensure the best experience possible for every family when time is precious', says Becki Josiah.Read more

A fun way to fundraise

'To celebrate my 30th birthday I set myself the ambitious challenge of collecting 30 extraordinary prizes for Haven House’s special events', says volunteer Richard Barker.Read more

Climbing a mountain for Haven House

'I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting to say thank you to Haven House', says Mel Rinaldi who is climbing Ben Nevis for us.Read more

What I love about music therapy

'To see a child become engaged and smile as they interact with music is such a lovely experience', says Roxanne Scott.Read more

Grow and develop your career at Haven House

'When the position came through at Haven House, I instantly put myself forward as it matched exactly what I wanted to do as a nurse', says Mel Scott.Read more

I am so proud to work for Haven House

'Haven House is such a fantastic and rewarding place to work', says our HR Director, Sarah Spackman.Read more

Become a volunteer for Haven House

'Surprise yourself, do something different and become a volunteer for Haven House', says Zac Hassan.Read more

At Haven House I’m still Leila’s mum

'You do eventually move forward as a bereaved parent, but it can be very difficult', says Trustee Inge Linneman-Hussein.Read more

15 years of memories

'It will be 15 years this June that I began my journey at Haven House', says Barbara Keller.Read more

Volunteering is from the heart

'The volunteering opportunities at Haven House are endless', says Andrea Thorogood.Read more

My running journey

'After a shaky start on my running journey, I have now found that running not only helps me unwind but it gives me thinking time', says Ian Mooney.Read more

I could never thank Haven House enough

'It is so important for me to raise money for Haven House', says inspirational volunteer Isabella Field.Read more

Be the nurse you want to be

'Bereavement support can make a huge difference to our families', says our Director of Care, Eileen White.Read more

Being a children’s nurse is challenging but rewarding

'A children’s hospice is all about providing wonderful care and making a difference every single day', says Anne Odeyemi.Read more

From a vision into reality

'I feel so privileged to have been involved with Haven House almost from its conception with founder Sue Irwin', says volunteer Mary Blewett.Read more

Why I support Haven House

'The great thing about being a Patron of Haven House is seeing the charity grow over the years', says Vicki Michelle.Read more

A window into a children's hospice

'The care we provide to our children and their families is not 9-5 and this also applies to our social media, fundraising events and volunteering,' says Teena Antoniou.Read more

Be the nurse you've always wanted to be

'I believe one to one nursing care benefits the children greatly - we care for the children from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes,' says Aisling Kilbane.Read more