Our annual report and accounts is a snapshot of our achievements from the past year. Our most recent Annual Report 15/16 (PDF 2mb) is for the year ending 31 March 2016. You can also read our 'emoji' Year in review 2015/16 (PDF 408kb).

Chair and Chief Executive’s highlights of the year 2015/16

Last year we supported 337 children across our White House, Holistic Care Centre and community services. This included activities for 42 of our ‘Buddies’, the brothers and sisters of children who visit Haven House. In addition we continued to support 90 bereaved families through an annual memory day and our bereavement and counselling services.

To date, we have supported over 650 families; however we know that there are many more families not accessing hospice care services in our local area.

This may be due to a lack of awareness of the range of services we can offer, or because families are afraid that using a hospice is an acceptance that their child will not outlive them. Research estimates that there are over 2,000 children living with a life-limiting condition in our catchment area (Fraser et al, 2011).

We also know from our existing families that caring for a child with complex health needs can put a significant strain on the whole family, causing marriages to break down and life aspirations to be put on hold. We have questioned whether we are doing enough to make life more bearable for families at every stage of their child’s life.

Due to our location and the demographics of our local population we also face unique challenges in serving our culturally diverse communities appropriately and sensitively. The Fraser research also told us that we should place a greater focus on neonatal services and support.

Our Vision 2020

This is why by 2020 we want to widen our services to meet the diverse needs of our families, as well as increase our community, social and healthcare provision to families who have not accessed children’s hospice care before.

We believe this approach will enable us to support 500 children by 2020.

Hospice care cannot work in isolation and therefore our five-year strategy, agreed in 2014/5, focuses on the holistic nature of palliative care, bringing together four essential areas of activity to deliver our vision:

- Maximising a multi-disciplinary care approach through our Holistic Care Centre
- Expanding clinical services at The White House to support more children
- Developing our family support services in the community
- Researching the need for and the impact of a Hospice at Home service in our local area.

One year on…

Our Vision is, quite rightly, ambitious and we are on track to support 500 children by 2020 although recruiting specialist nurses continues to be a challenge.


We can’t deliver our vision alone. We therefore continue to explore collaboration opportunities within Children’s Hospices across London (CHaL) and with our statutory partners in health.

We were immensely proud of our role in the BlackRock and CHaL charity partnership which raised over £840k for the five children’s hospices in London and subsequently has helped us to kick-start a London-wide collaborative strategy.

Meeting our Vision objectives

We found 2015/16 a tough financial year, but we continued to maintain relationships and gain new supporters from across the City, local businesses and community groups. As we are reliant on this support for 75% of our income we are incredibly grateful to our long-term supporters for their unwavering support.

Despite some challenges, we increased our services and our achievements for the year were considerable.

We hope you enjoy reading our annual report. If you would like to know more or would like to support the hospice through giving your time or making a donation, please contact our team on 020 8505 9944.

Mike Palfreman
Chief Executive

Frances Daley

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