“Why do you volunteer?” “Do you have to be a nurse?” “Oh, I couldn’t do it.”

These are some of the frequent comments and questions I hear. If I had to describe Haven House in one word, it would be “smiles.”

When ever you visit Haven House, you will see someone smiling!

Volunteering was something that I always wanted to do, but never quite knew how to start; it was almost as if it found me. On a flight back from Glasgow on New Year’s Day, I was sat next to a passenger who told me about her career in nursing, sensing my interest; she suggested that I should get in touch with Haven House. In that moment I decided to make contact and the rest is history.

Coming from the travel industry it was a jump into the unknown for me but it has enhanced my life in so many ways.

Not only have I made some great friends, but I have re-discovered a part of myself. I think at one time or another we can all become wrapped up in our 9-5 day to day schedule and let life pass us by. Surprise yourself, do something different and become a volunteer for Haven House.

In the last year, I’ve been thrown in the deep end… literally! I jumped into freezing cold water on an arctic February morning to raise funds for Haven House at the Chilly Dip. I sold raffle tickets (whilst enjoying a night at White Collar Boxing) for the Corporate Fundraising Team, and I am soon to have my measurements taken to become Henry the Hound.

The only advice I can give you for volunteering is to take a step back from your day to day life and decide whether you can give a couple of hours a year or a couple of days a week. Become part of the Haven House team and see for yourself why the Haven House smiles are so infectious.

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