Tell us your gaming plans

Take up your controllers and keyboards

  • Host your own fundraising livestream - encourage your viewers to donate by letting them influence your game. Will they make it easier or harder for you?

  • Run a gaming tournament - find out who's got the greatest skills, with a simple donation to enter.

  • Take on a challenge - the gaming world is full of ultra-hard challenges so why not ask your friends and family to sponsor your attempt at one?

  • Workplace gaming - get your employer involved and organise a pay-to-play. All you need to do is charge a set amount for colleagues to take a break from work and play games for charity. Who doesn't want to play games between emails?

  • Guess my time - the game of your choice might not force you to rush, but that doesn't mean you can't play against the clock. Ask people to donate to predict your finish time. The winner can receive a prize! 

Get social offline! Connecting with others via a game doesn't always rely on an online component. There are plenty of offline games too. 


How do I sign up?

Simply create a fundraising page using Tiltify.

- Use Tiltify's polls, incentives and rewards and let your donors join in with the fun! 

Tell us your gaming plans

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The Events Team
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