Take on the ultimate sky high challenge and experience a thrill like no other by doing a Skydive!

Challenge yourself to a Tandem Skydive. Before your flight you will be provided with a comprehensive ground safety briefing. You will jump from up to 13,000 feet attached to your instructor using a specially designed dual harness. The instructor controls the freefall, parachute opening and landing, leaving you free to enjoy the view and the amazing sensation of freefall

Key Information:

  • Date: Choose your own date
  • Location: Multiple locations available, the nearest one to Haven House is Chiltern Park Aerodrome
  • Registration Fee: £50
  • Minimum Fundraising Target: £400 (£200 needs to be raised 1 month before your Skydive)

Jump for Haven House and benefit from:

  • Regular Fundraising advice
  • A Welcome Pack
  • A Haven House T-shirt 
  • An invite to our Facebook Group

Please complete this form here and we'll be in touch to complete your registration with Skydiving London.


  • Minimum age of 16 years old (if between the ages of 16 and 17 years then a legal guardian will need to complete a form).
  • Minimum weight: 7 stone
  • Maximum weight: 15 stone
  • Minimum height: 4ft 11inch
  • There is no maximum height but you must be able to fit into a harness.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the activity in the event of extremely adverse weather conditions or any other elements which could potentially place staff or participants at risk.
  • By registering for a place in our Skydiving team you are agreeing to our event terms and conditions.

For any queries about this event please contact:

The Events Team
020 8498 5849