Everything we do is for the children. Helping families facing the unimaginable to make the most of their lives together, no matter how short.

This Children's Hospice Week (20 June to 26 June) we'll be sharing stories about how individual each child is and the the care we give them.

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Meet Rudy. When Rudy was just 11 weeks old he began to have seizures. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy and hypotonia (low muscle tone), he struggles to hold his head up, sit up or roll and due to a global developmental delay delay, it's unclear at what age Rudy might stand or walk - if at all. For Rudy and his family, this was the most devastating news.

Here at Haven House Children's Hospice, our dedicated team provide vital care to Rudy and support for his family so they never feel alone. 

99,000 children in the UK are facing a life-limiting or life-threatening condition and we believe every child deserves the best care and support during these unimaginable times.