Andrew McCallum In what is clearly not a reaction to turning 50 last year, I've decided to run another marathon - fourth in BRIGHTON, fifth overall. I'm running to raise money for Haven House Hospice, where Joe has been cared for on numerous occasions. Earlier this year, for example, the hospice team looked after him for a week while he recovered from a chest infection. Other times he stays when he is well, so Anna, Nate, Fran and I can go off and do some things that aren't so easy, or even possible, when Joe is with us.

Friends and family have been incredibly generous with sponsorship when I've run in the past. Together, we've raised over £10,000 (£13,300 to be precise). Let's push it past £15K!

The marathon is on Sunday 14th April in Brighton. Family and friends will be gathering at Anna's Dad's beach hut at the 23 mile mark. I should be staggering past at about 12.30 if anyone fancies coming along. It's a fun day out - for spectators, at least! Andrew McCallum