David Rothstein A Really Bad Day! Really?!

Picture the scene...I've had a tough day at work - the reinsurance market is neverendingly 'soft' (there's been worryingly too few natural disasters of late). Kim has promised me a spaghetti bolognese dinner and served up spaghetti carbonara (the cheek of it). Arsenal are beat by Tottenham at Tottenham in the evening kick off (not as far-fetched as it used to be). Roger needs a late night walk in the winter rain and rewards me for accommodating by rolling in fox sh!t (no smell comes close). Lewis is restless in bed getting up and down to make me rearrange the 6 teddies, 2 blankets, one slipper and one tissue that share in his duvet (he's a stickler for a 4-4-2 formation).

It's now 10.30pm and I ask you to meet at the local and buy me a pint before closing time to cheer me up at the cost of approximately a fiver to you. I'd like to think you'd oblige...

Now imagine your son or daughter, niece or nephew, cousin or classmate or friend or relative are ever in need of the services of Haven House - our local children's hospice providing care to life-limited children and their families.

Why is this cause so worthy? Haven House provides nursing, music therapy, outdoor play, sensory based activities, physio and yoga and end of life care to children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

More than this they provide support, education, respite, therapy, trips, and workshops for parents and carers facing daunting challenges and uncertain futures.

Incredibly they also extend their services to give one on one counselling to the siblings of those affected who are struggling with their own feelings of shock, guilt, anger and despair. The 'Buddies' program and support group allows the brothers and sisters of those who use the hospice to meet, enjoy activities and outings and share experiences with those in similar circumstances.

Kim and I consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have no personal experience of this great charity save for attending and supporting some of their fundraising events in recent times.

A recent visit to Haven House - an inspiring rather than a sad place - put any of our perceived troubles into perspective and gave me the idea to tap you all up for a fiver!

It costs more than £1500 (!) to provide care for one child for one night and over £3,000,000 (!!) a year to keep Haven House doing the amazing things that it does.

My bad day wasn't so bad after all so please put that £5 (or more) here rather than over the bar. Please feel free to share and/or mock up your own “bad day” story but only on the condition you donate and provide a link to the fundraising page. Let's see how much we can raise. #findafiver David Rothstein