Lynne Wilkins Our wonderful goddaughter who died earlier this year aged 12 had the most fantastic care at a children's hospice on a regular basis.
So when someone offered me the chance to take part in a 6 month challenge to raise funds for a children's hospice by covering the equivalent of a marathon a month, it was a no-brainer to say yes. The challenge was to do this by running, walking or cycling over and above day to day amount.

I've set a modest target as many of my friends have already donated a lot with Daisy in mind this year. April 17 is my last month and so far I've managed the marathon distance every month, sometimes cramming in a huge amount over the last few days because I couldn't not stick to it with Daisy in mind. Every penny will be appreciated by families making the most of every moment they have left with their child. Lynne Wilkins