Vin Soon Yong Hello Peeps,

As a community, we should do our absolute best to make a positive difference in other people's lives especially the ones who need it most. Knowing that every penny raised will contribute towards building a better future for them motivates me to take up this challenge and see it to the very end.
As a brief introduction, I am Vin Soon who will be participating in a once in a lifetime trek to Mount Kilimanjaro beginning of July, the tallest free standing mountain in the whole African continent. For those who know me very well, I am never a big fan of physically challenging outings as I never bothered to hit the gym regularly. For this good cause, I will be getting out of my comfort zone to reach the Uhuru Peak within 9 days after arrival in Tanzania.

Trekking one of the tallest mountains in the world may be rewarding but it comes with high risk. To increase my success rate, I am doing work outs and physical training to build my fitness level which is a rare occasion. Please show your support to help me raise money for Haven House and Richard House Children's Hospices. Remember that every penny you contribute will help the kids build a better future for themselves. The children and families of Haven House, Richard House, and myself appreciate your donation to the charity. Vin Soon Yong