Hummera Ahmed

This is my story: 

I went to the bank this morning with £150 cash. As some of you may remember from my previous posts that I've been raising money for Haven House through selling my children's toys. I've successfully raised money and my elderly mother donated the rest. 

I parked my car on George Lane in South Woodford and walked to Barclays. As I have got out of the car I've dropped the money. I was in the bank doing other unrelated banking and then went to the computer, put my hand in my pocket and to my utter dismay the money was not there. 

I left the bank and went to my car, retraced my steps but no luck. There is an off license opposite to where my car was. The staff came out and asked if I was looking for lost money...I responded yes somewhat hopeful. The staff told me that my money was flying in the road and two people, a man and a lady chased the money and the man retained £100 and the lady had £50. The couple from the off licence had tried in vain to convince them to stay for a few minutes or to at least leave their details. They even pointed to their CCTV and said it was all on camera and whoever it was that lost this money, upon realising would come back. At this point the lady walked off and the man's response was "It is what it is".

I'm not just upset at the fact the money has gone but just wondering where is the humanity in all of this? And I am absolutely gutted as that money was for charity. 

Hummera Ahmed