Matt Barrett Some of my friends and colleagues may know I am personally involved with Haven House Children’s Hospice as a trustee. That involves contribution through meetings, correspondence and general paper pushing exercise and it's about time I did my bit for the fundraising team and promote the hospice!

The trouble is I'm a useless swimmer, a slow runner and I've never baked in my life. I am, however, prepared to be locked up with only bread and water for as long as it takes to raise £500 for this worthiest of causes. That means NO COFFEE!

So please, spare a minute and some small change if you can. It is for a brilliant cause (I am more than happy to show you around the hospice if you are interested in finding out more about us) and I'm not sure I can stand more than a day without caffeine...

NEWFLASH - in view of my bad behaviour so far this morning (caught checking work emails twice and a pathetic attempt at looking mean) my bail has been raised to £750. Help me! Matt Barrett