Preyah Singh

Welcome to my fundraising page, thank you so much for your interest and support!

I will be doing a Skydive on the 27th July (which I am both nervous and excited about!) to raise as much money as I possibly can for my chosen charity Haven House Children's Hospice.

Haven House Children's Hospice is a foundation which helps support children and their families with health needs and life threatening illness and need us to support their fantastic work they do for others.

I have had a very close relationship with Haven House since I was 13 years old. This was because of my very unique family. Many of you will already know of my remarkable siblings, my brother Souraj and my sister Kirtan. We sadly lost Kirtan in July of 2017. They have complex disabilities and have battled/ continue to battle life threatening illnesses for the majority of their lives. Its places like Haven House that help families like mine through extremely challenging times. My motivation has been rooted from my family and I have always been so inspired and empowered by my siblings and their strength in life.

Back in 2004 both of my siblings were part of the first set of children Haven House provided care for. Both Souraj and Kirtan were able to go to make use of Haven House’s beautiful grounds, sensory rooms and other amazing facilities which enabled them to explore and develop despite having health issues.
Haven House not only provides this service for these remarkable children and young people but also set up sibling groups (which I was part of) that allowed siblings to socialise and share their unique experiences with each other. There are also Coffee Clubs designed for parents to meet up and take time out to unwind with other carers and parents. The Hospice also has special therapy session for families to help them through anything they may be feeling.

I have helped on various fundraisers for Haven house in the past and have always wanted to do more as they are such a fantastic group! Please check out their webpage to find out more and spread awareness.

I cannot express how thankful I am already for all the support.
Preyah Singh

Preyah Singh