Dave Smith

I turn 50 in April.

I'm so blessed to be a parent of two healthy daughters. I remain in awe of the work done at Haven House and the families who depend on it. It's a place where children who won't ever have the benefit of becoming parents themselves can be children and not just patients and where respite can be found for the families who haven't been as lucky as me (or you?).

Please watch the video here

"There but the grace of God go I" eh?

So why wouldn't I swap scoffing the remains of birthday cake for a schlep around London for 26.2miles - and who wouldn't want to sponsor me to do so - if it raises a little to keep all that good work going?

Training is slow and painful. Started (late) the - ahem - 16 week programme in February and two weeks in had to miss another two due to injury. So unsurprisingly I'm way behind schedule. I've just returned from "altitude training" in the Italian Alps and am now facing into some hard training....

Determined to do it, despite nagging issues with foot, achilles, groin, glutes and "irritated ribs". Other than that of course, I'm the picture of health!

So please donate generously to a) help do some good and b) keep me focussed on the goal and not my aged and injured body!

Many thanks in advance and on behalf of all those you'll be helping.

Dave Smith