Nick Beavis This is a brilliant, touching charity that does fantastic work. I said I would lose weight to support them but I am an abject failure at that. Surely I can manage a firewalk challenge instead? Its only 1200 degrees!!!

Sorry what are you doing?

I shall be calmly (really?) walking across a 20 foot stretch of burning hot coals. They reach over 1200 degrees F in heat. I will be trained in how to do this by a Guinness world record holder for firewalking. So yes its for real.

And why on earth are you doing that?

Haven House are a local charity to where I live and also Citi's Charity of the Year in London. They are a Childrens Hospice who do amazing things for families going through circumstances I cannot even begin to imagine. Please just browse some of the pages on this site to find out more. With any luck we will secure matched funding from Citi - so every £ could count double!

Nick Beavis