William James

I am raising money for Haven House because they cared for a close friend of my son, Benjamin, who sadly died in December, and supported his family during the most difficult time.

We met our friends through National Childcare Training (NCT) in 2012.

After our children were born they developed very close bonds in their first 5 years, attending each other's birthday parties, swimming, going to the local park, going out for coffee, for play dates, and bigger trips like to the farm or zoo.

Benjamin was a boy full of life; intelligent, loving and a big Star Wars fan. He was loved so much by so many.

In 2016, at Christmas, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer and underwent 2 years of treatment with all the pain, hopes and anguish that such treatment entails.

Towards the end of his life, Haven House stepped in to offer Benjamin and his family a care package that was right for them.

I am running the marathon to raise funds so that Haven House can continue to do their amazing work.

William James