Suley Gul

•• THE • BIG • NEWS ••

Hi All ... Suley of SGPT here.

The SGPT “YES I CAN” Fun Run will be taking place on either the last Sunday of July or the first Sunday of Aug. I will be running the full distance of 10KM & hope that many of you all join in with me for such a great cause.

There’s two options:

• 5 or 10KM

I would like to keep it fun, friendly and entirely optional as to what distance you feel like taking on as the challenge - you can judge it on the day as there is no obligation to do the full 10KM.

Many of us think we can’t run a 5 or 10K but I want to prove you all wrong by running it together!!

All I ask is that you help me on my conquest to raise as much as we can as all raised funds will go to Haven House Childrens Hospice:

Please feel free to watch their videos in the link above to get a better understanding of why I’ve chosen to do this.

For those that might be interested please let me know and for those who know of others that also may wish to join us and the SGPT army then comment below. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Thanks again guys together we will do this and the accomplishment of completing your chosen distance will feel • A M A Z I N G •

Many Thanks,

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Suley Gul