Join us at home and do something amazing from the comfort of your own kitchen, garden or even...balcony! 

Why not fundraise at #HomewithHavenHouse and have some fun and get the whole family involved with lots of fundraising activity for your local children’s hospice. There are lots of exciting ways to take part:

Use your skills

  • Give a gift - use your creative skills and make something, write songs or draw a picture to raise money
  • Run a class - teach your friends something new like a language, a new recipe, or you could hold an online yoga class for a donation
  • Hold a bake sale - if you enjoy baking, you can take orders of cakes from your neighbours for a donation.


Gather the community

  • Sell your stuff - declutter and have a garage sale or jump onto EBay or Facebook Marketplace and sell your unwanted items
  • Run a raffle - ask your neighbours to donate prizes and sell tickets. Make sure you check the gambling commission website for any licenses you may need
  • Kind gestures - ask for donations from friends and family for completing acts of kindness, like delivering shopping to a neighbour.

Host an online event!

  • Movie night - use Netflix Party to host a movie night for you and your friends, with everyone logging on from their sofa at home and donating the cost of a cinema ticket
  • Virtual dinner party - invite your friends to dinner over webcam. You can all donate to attend, or pay what you would have spent dining out 
  • Pub Quiz - become the quizmaster and create various question rounds and raise your glass with your friends online and see who knows best.


Fundraise with colleagues

  • Get social - arrange a get together with your colleagues for a post works social through video chat and donate what you would have spent on drinks and snacks
  • Run a sweepstake - take on a challenge and ask everyone to donate £2 to guess how long it will take you to complete it and the winner receives half of the money
  • Take dares from your co-workers- will you wear a funny costume on video call or work from your bath? It's their choice for a donation.

Be Brave

  • Do you dare? - ask your friends and family to send you dares and film yourself carrying them out! Will you shave your head, or eat a whole chilli!
  • It's all about the hair - grow your hair out and get sponsored and also donate the money you save on haircuts or why not brave the shave and cut your hair
  • Coronavirus swear jar - put £1 into a jar whenever you use the word 'Coronavirus' or 'Covid-19'.

Fundraise with children

  • Chores for cash - raise money by completing tasks like washing up, tidying your room, cutting the grass and cooking
  • Sponsored silence - can the whole house be silent? Gather donations for challenging yourself to be silent for a period of time
  • Give something up - choose something to give up for 1 day/ 1 week/ 1 month. Make it harder by picking one of your favourite things.

Have you made your choice? Let us know what you are doing or set up a fundraising page now!

If you have any questions please get in touch with the Fundraising Team.