On Sunday 27 September at 3pm we will hold our annual Memory Day service. Because of the pandemic we will not be able to meet at a venue this year but will be holding the interactive service via a Zoom call which families can join from the comfort of their home.

The memory service is a way for families to come together to share their memories of their children and loved ones finding ways of expressing grief and adjusting to living in a world that is very different without them.

It is our hope that through this we enable children to grieve too, especially as they take their cues from adults around them. Grief is a natural process after the loss of someone we care about. These feelings can change from time to time but rarely disappear, often we treasure these feelings as this helps us to connect to our loved one in a form of a ‘continuing bond.’

The order of service for our virtual Memory Day will include candle lighting, a mindfulness colouring butterfly activity, a chance to share and to hear and join in with some beautiful music.

In addition to the Zoom virtual event families can choose to submit and share poems, a written piece or memory on this webpage.

There might be a delay in seeing submissions as this will have to be approved by our team. Families are welcome to share the webpage with extended family or friends who might also like to contribute.

If you would like to join us for Memory Day this year, please RSVP to your invitation and we will send you the Zoom link. We hope that you can join us.

For memory day depending on interest we are considering having an online wall for you to submit written pieces, a poem or a memory you would like to share about your loved one. You could share the webpage address with extended family to also contribute. There might be a delay in seeing your submission as this will have to be approved by our team. Please also share with us your written pieces, poems or memories on the form at the link below. 

Write and send a message or a precious memory in this form and we will share it on this page.

Our tree offers you a unique and meaningful way to mark an occasion or celebration, to remember a loved one. Our bespoke sculpture is situated at the heart of our Holistic Care Centre ensuring that your dedication to a loved one will be on display every day of the year.

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