Calling All Schools and Young Elves - Join us for a Festive Fun adventure!

  • When: You choose a date between the 22 of November and 22 of December to put on your Elf Run
  • Where: Anywhere at your school which can accommodate an Elf Run - a school field, the PE gym or even the playground
  • How far: You choose the distance which you believe little elves can complete 

Are you ready for a magical adventure this holiday season? Order your elf hats, lace up your trainers, and get ready for festive fun with your very own Elf Run.

Haven House creates an environment where children can be children. Our facilities offer a range of activities, such as music therapy, play sessions, and fun days, that bring happiness and enable children and families to create precious memories.

By supporting Haven House, you’re playing a crucial role in brightening the lives of these children and allowing them to experience the simple joys that many take for granted this festive season.

Included when you register your school:

  • Elf Hat's for all the elves who take part (please note we have limited stock)
  • Sponsorship forms collect donations and encourage all Santa's little helpers friends and family to support
  • Elf Run poster's to advertise your festive fun Elf Run
  • A festive themed thank you certificate once your Elf Run is complete 

How your School can get involved:

  • Register Your School: Follow the link below to tell us how many little elves, the date and where your elf run will take place
  • Fundraising: Challenge students to raise funds for our charity or ask for a £2 donation for taking part
  • Parent Involvement: Encourage parents to support, volunteer, or even sponsor the event.

Register your school

Once we receive your registration, we will get all your supplies out and then we look forward to seeing your school's enthusiasm and creativity of your very own Elf Run - have fun, get active and make a difference to children across our community living with life-limiting illness's this festive season.