Wills are so important to you and your family, make sure you have yours. Our next Will Week is 11-15 March 2019.

We are in the process of working with local solicitors who wish to take part so please do keep checking this page to make your appointment.

Good local solicitors will give their time and skills to make Wills in return for a donation to our hospice. There is no catch and Will Week is open to everyone.

More about Will week
The week is designed to raise funds for Haven House via participating solicitors and Will Writers. In return for a donation to Haven House, your solicitor/Will Writer will draw up a basic Will or basic mirror Wills. Making a Will ensures that you have taken care of your family and if you also choose to give a gift to Haven House, you will help towards providing specialist care for children and young people from birth to 19 years who have life-limiting and life-threatening conditions and who are unlikely to reach adulthood.

This is also an opportunity to update your Will. As you know your circumstances often change and solicitors advise that you should review your Will every five years and after any major changes in your life, eg:

  • getting separated or divorced
  • getting married (this cancels any Will you made before)
  • having a child
  • moving house
  • if the executor named in the Will dies

Did you know that the average cost of making a Will with a solicitor is expensive (approximately £150 +VAT for a basic single Will, £250+VAT for a pair of basic mirror Wills. The average cost of a codicil is £80+VAT.)

Local solicitors that take part and donate their expertise and time for free. Therefore we suggest a minimum donation of:

•    £100 for a basic single Will
•    £160 for a pair of basic mirror Wills

The aim of our Will Week:

The importance of making or updating a Will is to safeguard and provide for loved ones – especially if your circumstances have changed in recent years and your current Will may not consider children and grandchildren, changes in marital status or property ownership.
Legacy gifts, no matter what size, left to Haven House Children’s Hospice are becoming more and more vital to continue our work to help the children that we care for and also plan for the future. Find out more about what legacies mean to Haven House.

Watch our film 'There's No Catch' and make your appointment to make your Will:

By taking part in Will week we are giving people peace of mind whilst knowing that their donations will be helping life-limited children in our local community.

Thirsk Winton Solicitors, Woodford Green


Can I make an appointment outside of the Will week period ?
Will week is between the specified dates but sometimes the solicitor agrees to accommodate appointments outside that period. However, it is at the solicitor's discretion and may not be possible.

What if my Will is complicated?
The solicitors can only offer a standard or basic Will writing service free of charge. If your Will is more complex they will advise you of this and explain any costs which may need to be changed. You may refuse at this stage.

Is the Will writing or updating free of charge?
Yes. The solicitors have all agreed to give up their time for free in order to support Haven House. However, it is on the understanding that you make a donation to Haven House instead of the fee.

How much should you donate?
This is entirely a personal decision but there is a suggested minimum amount.

Find out more here about leaving a gift in your Will.

To talk about the importance having a Will, leaving a gift in your Will, or our Will Week, please contact us here or telephone our legacy team on 020 8498 5845.