Bella Field, from Woodford Green has been supported by Haven House Children’s Hospice after losing her sister Molly to an inoperable brain tumour aged eight.

Bella is part of Buddies – a support group at the hospice for the siblings of children who have seriously ill conditions or those who have experienced bereavement.

The group is an opportunity to have fun together but most importantly, children are able to discuss common fears, joys and concerns and for some, share their feelings around grief.

Molly, Bella’s sister, was a beautiful, intelligent girl with the most piercing blue eyes. She was a wonderful big sister to Bella. Their favourite pastimes were singing together and Molly reading her favourite books to Bella.

Haven House has been such a great help to me, Babs, the counsellor has been brilliant and helped me in my journey of grief.

Haven House was vital at the time of her sister’s death as the family stayed in the hospice accommodation while Molly was laid to rest in their Butterfly Suite, from the morning after she died, for the week before the funeral. This was invaluable time for the family to say goodbye and for Bella to come to terms with the fact that even though Molly looked like she was asleep in bed, that she wasn’t going to wake.

During that week, a member from our bereavement team from Haven House met Bella and spoke to her for a while, she has been her counsellor ever since and Bella is still supported by the Haven House team today.

Since losing her sister, Bella has raised worked hard to fundraise for the hospice. Talking about Molly’s death and helping others at the same time, was something she was passionate about and would continue to do. Bella has since been fundraising for the hospice with amazing results.

Bella now attends the sibling support group and is involved in activities for them to enjoy and have time that’s just about them. They support each other through their unique journeys.

The counselling has been the biggest help that Haven House have offered Bella. She has a wonderful relationship and trust in her counsellor.

Bella's mum