Georgia, aged 18, like most girls her age, loves music. Unfortunately she will never be able to discuss with her friends who her favourite boy band member is or sing along to the lyrics.

This is because Georgia has an undiagnosed condition which confines her to a wheelchair. She has severe epilepsy, scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and progressive cerebellar hypoplasia. This means her brain is deteriorating and she is unlikely to live to adulthood. She needs 24/7 care.

Since 2011 Georgia has attended Haven House where she receives regular one-to-one music therapy sessions. It is here where her mum Sarah sees her at her most alert. She really responds to the therapist's voice, looks focused, moves her arms, smiles a lot and is vocal.

Georgia also comes to the hospice for day care and overnight stays. Sarah says,

When it was first suggested to me that Georgia came to a hospice I thought the worst. It was quite scary as it had only ever been me or my parents who had looked after her for 11 years. However, after her first overnight stay I have never looked back.

While Georgia is at the hospice, Sarah and her wife Michelle can spend some quality time together. While they do most things as a family it is sometimes nice to have a bit of me time. They like going to family parties and for meals and Haven House even had Georgia for a few days so they could go on honeymoon last year.

Sarah concludes,

I couldn't imagine life without Haven House now. I know Georgia loves the time she spends there and is benefitting from music therapy and physiotherapy. It also gives me that break to enable me to carry on giving her the best life possible, however long that may be for.

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