We are very excited to be working with Galliard Homes and students from Bancroft's, Debden Park High School, Roding Valley High School, The Forest Academy, West Hatch High School and Woodford County High Schools on this enterprise project.

Each team has been given £50 seed capital provided by Galliard Homes, to plan and facilitate their first event. Taking the profit from this event, teams will plan further fundraising activities, reinvesting some or all of their income for every event until they reach their target of £1,500 or more. The completion date for your project is Monday 16th February 2020, by which time all money needs to be transferred to Haven House.


Our latest Schools Enterprise Project was launched on Monday 7th October and what a fantastic night it was. So much energy and enthusiasm in the room from the students, teachers and mentors. Well done everyone! 

The Icebreaker was The Spaghetti Challenge, which was to build the tallest freestanding structure topped with a marshmallow using only spaghetti, string and selotape. The successful school was Bancroft's who were closely challenged by Roding Valley and West Hatch.

Here are some photos taken at the launch night. We would like to update these photos regularly so please share your photos with us. Remember to make sure you have permission first.