October 2021

By now your first fundraising activity should be ready to go...or you may have even completed it. If so well done!

If your event is coming up - good luck! I hope it goes well and you all enjoy it.

Remember to take photos, boomerangs or short videos at your events as these will be helpful when looking for content for your presentation at the end of the project. Wear your Enterprise project t-shirts to stand out from the crowd!

Next steps are now taking the money raised from your first event and re-investing into your next fundraising activity, making it bigger and better, with a view to growing your income with each event. Your mentors can help you with your planning and make sure that you are budgeting effectively to ensure a good return on investment. Ensure you are using your timeline/planner which will help to ensure everything is on track.

If you have any photos you would like to share with us, check you have permission first and send them over and I will try to include some in later updates. Please send a high res /original size versions to ensure a sharp image.

Remember not to share your total - keep this for the big reveal at our Awards Evening in February! 

September 2021

After a long break due to the pandemic we are delighted to launch our biggest project to date with nine schools taking part. We held our 2021 Launch Evening at Forest School on 14th September which was a blended event with schools joining us in person and virtually. Galliard Homes mentors also attended the Launch and met their allocated teams for the first time. They were on hand to offer advice and support with their breakout sessions.

It was great to be able to have a face to face event and we are so grateful to Forest School for all their help and support in facilitating the Launch.

Following the presentation, which gave details of the Enterprise Project and updated on the vital work of Haven House, the schools went to break-out rooms with their mentors where they completed a team building activity followed by a creative session to formulate ideas for their first and subsequent fundraising events.

All of the schools received their £50 seed capital so are now ready to go with their first event. Good luck everyone!

If you are doing a sponsored event or would like to set up a fundraising page on our website  www.havenhouse.org.uk and go to 'get involved/set up a fundraising page' Mention that you are part of the Schools Enterprise Project and write a little about what your team are doing - also add a photo to make your page stand out!


March 2020

Getting some exciting updates about what the North London Schools teams are up to this month. Lots of fun events being planned and if you have any photos to share please email them over to us, via your teacher and we will see if we can add some of them here. Remember not to share your total raised yet - this will be kept secret and revealed at your Awards Evening. 

Please note that due the current  situation we have taken the decision to postpone the Awards Evening for the Redbridge Enterprise Project that was due to be held on Wednesday 25th March. We apologise for any disappointment caused but please be assured that the event will take place at a later date where we will have the opportunity to celebrate a fantastic project . 

February 2020

The Redbridge Enterprise Project that started back in October 2019 has now reached its conclusion! Six schools have been working hard across 14 weeks putting on a range of events to raise their target of £1500...or more. The schools are now beginning the process of creating their presentation for the Awards Evening on Wednesday 25th March at Redbridge Drama Centre. The deadline for this all presentations to be sent to Ginny at Haven House is Friday 13th March. Remember to be as creative as possible as there will be a trophy awarded on the night to the school deemed to have given the best presentation. If you need any help or support with your presentation remember you can ask your mentors. 

The teams taking part in the North London Enterprise Project have already completed their first events and planning how to get the best from the remaining weeks of their project...they are half way through already and time is flying by! If you need any advice or support please contact your mentors or Ginny who will be happy to help. 

January 2020

A busy month for the Schools Enterprise Project! The teams that began their project in October have approx 6 weeks remaining to the end of their project so still lots of time to complete their fundraising activities. The completion date for this project is Friday 14th February with the income from the project transferred as soon as possible after this date. 

Also launched in January was the pilot Enterprise Project for schools in North London which took place at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield. It is lovely to welcome St Ignatius College, Southgate School and The Compton School to the inaugural project. 

Each team was given £50 seed capital provided by Galliard Homes, to plan and facilitate their first event. Taking the profit from this event, teams will plan further fundraising activities, reinvesting some or all of their income for every event until they reach their target of £1,500 or more. The completion date for this project is Wednesday 1st April 2020. 

Good luck everyone!



November 2019

The Galliard Homes mentors have been meeting with their various school teams this month to catch up with their progress and to talk about their future plans. All schools have now completed their first event, which is great, with some schools putting on several events already this month. It is very exciting to hear what everyone have been up to so far. Keep going - you are all doing brilliantly! 


Photos from November mentor's meetings at Debden Park, West Hatch and Woodford County High School.

Christmas is speeding towards us and this is a fantastic opportunity to put on some events to celebrate the festive season. If you haven't already got an event planned before the end of term there is still time to get something in place.

We have a fun Christmas Quiz that we can share with you or maybe you could look at making your school a Christmas Card Free Zone. You can download posters from our website to use in your classrooms and leave festive messages for each other instead of exchanging cards. The money your classmates save can then be donated towards your project. Why not target your teachers and staff too by putting a few up in the staff room?!

If you are planning a raffle or Christmas event remember to use the authorisation letter provided by Haven House to try to secure some free donations from businesses, supermarkets, cinemas, theatres etc - be ambitious, you never know what you might get!

Ensure your plans are running smoothly and all actions have been completed by meeting regularly. If you are facing any challenges or need advice on budgeting please contact your mentors who will be only too happy to help. 

 If you have any photos you would like to share with us please email them to [email protected] 


October 2019

Our latest Galliard Homes Schools Enterprise Project was launched on Monday 7th October and what a fantastic night it was. So much energy and enthusiasm in the room from the students, teachers and mentors. Well done everyone! 

We are very excited to be working with Galliard Homes mentors and students from Bancroft's, Debden Park High School, Roding Valley High School, The Forest Academy, West Hatch High School and Woodford County High Schools on this enterprise project.

The Icebreaker was The Spaghetti Challenge, which was to build the tallest freestanding structure topped with a marshmallow using only spaghetti, string and selotape. The successful school was Bancroft's who were closely challenged by Roding Valley and West Hatch.

Here are some photos taken at the launch night. We would like to update these photos regularly so please share your photos with us. Remember to make sure you have permission first.