Haven House Childrens Hospice

Please support our babies and children this Easter by buying a toy from our specialist wish list

Every year we receive hundreds of donated chocolate eggs at Easter time. It's a special time of year and we are very grateful for the kindness of our supporters, however, unfortunately many of our children are unable to eat chocolate.

Not being able to eat, drink and swallow whole food is sometimes a consequence serious conditions that affect our children. Many suffer from an absent gag reflex which means that they are at risk of aspiration of fluids into their lungs which can lead to a chest infection.

Many of our children are tube fed with prescription feeds to aid digestion and are fed directly by tube into the stomach. Unfortunately, this means that they are unable to enjoy a chocolate Easter egg in the same way as a well child or young person can.

While we donate some of the chocolate eggs we receive to the brothers and sisters we support, we do receive an excessive amount of chocolate eggs at Easter.

We would never turn away a kind donation from our supporters, but if you would like to help our hospice this Easter, instead please make a donation or donate to our Amazon wish list of specialist toys and equipment that would have more longevity and bring fun and enjoyment to our children.

We have have a dedicated wish list of toys, games and other items which can be enjoyed by our children and help them with their sensory and co-ordination skills.

You can buy the gifts from our Amazon Wish List, the toys will then be passed on to our children who we care for, either at our hospice or hospice at home. Please remember to select 'gift option' when making your purchase and leave your details, otherwise it will be an anonymous gift and we'd love to thank you for your gift.

Thank you and happy Easter from us all at Haven House.

For more information about donating specialist toys or equipment please contact:

Natalie Chevin           
020 8506 3631