Day Care and Overnight Respite Request

Allocation period: 1st April 2024 – 31 March 2025

School holidays and weekends are our busiest times and are considered separately to ensure fairness to all families. We will limit the number of weekends or school holidays that can be guaranteed each year.

The maximum stay over a school holiday period is 7 nights. (Drop off and pick up times can be flexible depending on availability).

We aim to communicate with you about your requests by the end of March.

Thank you.

Assessment and Medication Clinic and Care Plan updates are essential to ensuring we know what your child needs to best support them. These remain valid for 6 months. Please email us at any time with updates or changes so this can be recorded.

If you are travelling during the respite stay (especially abroad) and cannot return to your child within a two-hour period, then an emergency contact must be named as a safe carer to support your child until your return. If unsure or unconfirmed at time of respite booking, please let us know as soon as possible so that all checks are in place.

Also, if you have a special request such as a wedding or a holiday, let us know so we can ensure that stay is prioritised.

Please do not book flights or a holiday until you have received a confirmation email for your child’s stay.

We try not to cancel stays as we know respite is important to you and your child, however as a hospice those who require end of life care receive priority over respite stays, if staffing does not allow for accommodation of both.