If Haven House didn’t exist, families like ours would be completely lost.

Dad Will and Mum Sarah told us how – with your help – Haven House helped his family through their darkest hour.

"When Dylan was still with us, we did lots of therapies at Haven House two or three times a week. Haven House supported us with music, yoga therapy, and hydrotherapy. I don't think we'd be where we are now without that support from Haven House. I’ve no doubt they helped us get further than anyone ever anticipated.

The Haven House team were there to provide support, provide the equipment, come and check in with us every day, and help us look after him. We felt cared for as a whole unit, as a family. Haven House held us. We had this implicit trust and belief in them, that they would look after us. It was really quite remarkable.

What has struck us about Haven House is the choice they offer and how they make sure you’re able to deal with things on your own terms. We knew we had the options to spend Dylan’s final days in their butterfly suite. But we always knew we wanted to be at home.

Just having that extra bit of time with him to start dealing with the shock and start the grieving process – but on our own terms – it was incredible. When you have a seriously ill child, so much is out of your control. So just to be given that bit of control at the end makes a huge difference, it really does.

And there's the enduring support they provide that helps us keep going as well. Sarah and I have been doing couples counselling, provided by Haven House. It's an invaluable service and something that not enough families do. There's a huge amount of stress and strain put on couples who have a seriously ill child. So, we've hugely benefited from having that time in counselling. 

So much of having a child with a life-limiting condition is unimaginable, you just can't even comprehend it. It's one of the worst things that can possibly happen to anyone. So, when you’re in that place where the unimaginable has happened, you have to cling on to Haven House.

If Haven House didn’t exist, families like ours would be completely lost. If there’s anything you can do to make sure other families get the same amazing care and support we received – and are still receiving – I’ll be so grateful."

Thank you.

Will and Sarah