Last Lappers are an alumni  group of Alleyns’ School Athletes from the 50s. Our late co-founder Michael Hastings was Rudy’s grandfather.

Rudy was born with an extremely rare genetic condition called Multiple Congenital Anomalies Hypotonia & Seizures or MCAHS1. A condition so rare, that it was only detected in 2014 and there are only around 50 known cases worldwide.

It was Rudy’s vision that initially concerned his parents. From around 4 weeks old he made little eye contact with them or his toys and his eyes would repeatedly drift upwards or shake from side to side. At around 11 weeks old Rudy then began to have seizures. He suffers from Hypotonia (low muscle tone) which means he struggles to hold his head up, sit or roll. And he has global developmental delay.

Mum Nicola said: "Rudy is now able to benefit from the hospice’s therapeutic services. It’s hard to know what life is going to be like for Rudy. This can be hard not knowing, but on the other hand having no expectations or benchmarks to compare him to, the sky really is the limit with what he might be able to achieve.”

The Last Lappers are supporting Haven House, by 'Running for Rudy' and taking on a variety of different challenges to help raise some much needed funds.

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Last Lappers supporting Haven House

You can follow Rudy's journey on Instagram: @rudysw0rld

Barry Graham