When I heard about Haven House Children's Hospice from my daughter, I was left touched, moved and inspired and had to go and see what they were all about and what I could do to help.

I was amazed at what they do from caring on a day-to-day basis, to counselling and supporting a family during the difficult times and after losing a loved one. It's not just for those immediately impacted, but for the whole family, friends and circle around them. And the support extends for years after a loss.

I lost my Godson Neo about 29 years ago at the age of four from a rare heart condition, so I know what it’s like to go through heartache. Back then there was no support like Haven House. I was a young teenager and I cried for about a month, as my last words to him were a promise that he would be okay and that I would be waiting for him whilst he had some tests carried out at the hospital.

He reluctantly went in, but he never came back. Those were my last words and I felt I had let him down. I had broken my promise to my amazing Godson and I have carried this all my life.

I had no-one to turn to for the answers I was seeking, and as a young teenager I felt really alone at a time when I desperately needed support. I still think about Neo every day.

Haven House does just that - it supports families before, during and after the most circumstances imaginable, providing a real haven of love and support to families.

Please help me to support Haven House. I've decided to raise £5,000 and to reach this target, I've set myself a challenge of losing weight by getting fit. So in July 2018 I will be cycling 300 miles in the London to Paris Bike Ride!

Please join me in showing your support by sponsoring me here on my Haven House appeal page.

Many thanks - John Joannou

John Joannou