We provide a range of bereavement support services to our families in a number of formal and informal ways. There is no limit on the length of time that a family may access these services and no direct cost to the families either.

The bereavement team service is comprised of:

  • Specialist Bereavement Sister (who is also a Registered Nurse)
  • Dedicated counsellor
  • Resilience support for the brothers and sisters (via our Buddies group)
  • Butterfly Suite and private adjoining family room
  • Memory Day – annual non-denominational service for bereaved families
  • Prayer and reflection room at the hospice
  • Memory books which are held in perpetuity

This service is offered to families who use the hospice, and to the families of children who have died at home or in hospital.

It costs us just over £90,000 per year to pay for these services. This has to be funded through voluntary donations as the limited statutory funding for palliative care we receive ceases when the child dies. We know that this is where our services become even more essential.

We are unique in that we offer this level of support to families for as long as they need it, with no time limit imposed.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for looking after us so well during our stay with you. We managed to get to spend some time with her and were able to be by her side right until the very end.

£38 could pay for 90 minutes of personal counselling from our qualified bereavement counsellor and £122 could pay for 10 hours of care for a deceased child in our Butterfly Suite.