Fiver factory is a fun, engaging initiative that allows our younger supporters to make a real difference to the lives of families such as Callum's.

Working in a group or individually, young people are given £5 which they can use as start-up capital for their project. The challenge is to use their entrepreneurial skills to raise as much money as possible in one week.

From bake sales to making healthy snacks, creating craft items to car washes; there are endless possibilities of what each group could do. You could organise a market place or movie night at your school. The young people have full control of the profits they earn, and may want to re-invest their money during the week to increase their profit.

At the end of the week, each group's money should be tallied up and the winner announced.

Download our Fiver Factory fact sheet (word 155kb)

To get involved in the Fiver Factory challenge please contact:

Ginny Donnelly
Community Fundraiser
020 8506 3637