At just 11 weeks old baby Rudy began to have seizures. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy and hypotonia (low muscle tone), he struggles to hold his head up, sit up or roll and due to a global developmental delay, it's unclear at what age Rudy might stand or walk - if at all. All known sufferers of MCAHS-1 are also non-verbal.

Mum Nicola said: “Despite feeling completely heartbroken and railroaded when we received his diagnosis, we were also acutely aware of just how smiley and happy Rudy was and still is. “Our goal is to enrich Rudy’s life and enable him to achieve his maximum potential. It’s hard to know what life is going to be like for Rudy, and that uncertainty can be really difficult. On the other hand, having no expectations or any real benchmarks to compare him to, the sky is the limit with what he could achieve.”

Haven House to us is exactly that, a haven. Haven House is somewhere we can take Rudy for respite care and know that he will be safe, happy and expertly cared for. We can go to classes there and feel 'normal,' at ease, and supported. Haven House really is a very special place and is invaluable to us as a family.

Rudy benefits from a range of therapeutic services offered by Haven House, including music therapy, yoga and physiotherapy, and
occasional respite care.

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