Our coffee mornings are an opportunity for parents and carers to meet with other families who have similar life experiences and challenges.

The group meets each month at the hospice and is a relaxed setting. There's lots of informal conversation and mutual support.

Our parents decide which topics they would like to include. Sometimes it's just a cup of tea and a natter or conversations include trips out together, home adaptations, laughter workshops and even art therapy and salsa. 

As well as coffee mornings we also offer a number of family events throughout the year. These include a summer pantomime, family picnics, Christmas parties and multi-faith festival celebrations.

The group has helped to overcome obstacles by talking to others who are in, or have gone through similar circumstances and understand how things are for me as a parent.

Haven House mum

Mariam, Aiza’s mum says she has enjoyed coming to our Parents Coffee Mornings and wrote a poem to welcome you to join us.

A cup of welcome.

A saucer full of hope.

A spoonful of smiles.

And lumps of laughter and tears.

It’s a place where you’re understood.

Our paths have crossed as our children need us in ways we never imagined.

There’s plenty of experiences to be shared and information to be passed around.

You’ll find that we are all going through similar feelings, whatever our children our diagnosed with, we just get it.

Thanks to Haven House we are able to meet other parents who share the joys and pains of these journeys we are on.

Come join us for Parents Coffee Morning every 2nd Thursday of the month.

We'd love you to join us, contact:

Family and Community Services Team
020 8505 9944