For Yvonne, whose daughter Leah uses Haven House services, having a Rejuvanessence massage is often the only time she gets to relax.

15 year-old Leah has been attending Haven House for the last six years as she has the life-limiting condition pulmonary haemosiderosis; a lung disease of unknown cause that is characterised by bleeding in the capillaries and an accumulation of iron in the lungs.

Leah enjoys overnight breaks at the hospice which gives Yvonne some time to herself. However, for the remainder of the time, looking after Leah is a demanding job with a strict 24/7 routine of medicines, oxygen therapy and exercises to keep her lungs clear.

Haven House offers complementary therapies to parents free of charge. Yvonne has been having Rejuvanessence (a holistic facial massage) twice a month for over a year. She says:

It’s often difficult to find the time to put yourself first. However, when I do get the chance to have Rejuvanessence I find that it really sets me up for the day. I relax for an hour and switch off and afterwards I feel lighter and in a better frame of mind.

Many parents benefit from our complementary therapies – both Rejuvanessence and reflexology. Benefits include release of stressful experiences, improved sleep, improved skin tone and release of blocked energy, easing headaches, shoulder and jaw pain.

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