Our beautiful grounds are an important part of Haven House, providing spaces where children, f­­­amilies, and staff can relax and reflect. Our gardens offer a space for fresh air, play and sensory development and are a vital part of Haven House life.

The hospice is surrounded by four acres of woodland and gardens so keeping them maintained is quite a task. Here we catch up with one of our volunteer gardeners Dicky, who is essential in keeping our grounds tidy so that our families can enjoy them all year round. 

How did you learn about Haven House?

I live locally, so have always known it was here, but never visited until I started volunteering.

What was your job before you became a volunteer?

I worked in the city; this is a way of giving something back now that I’m retired.

Any particular special moments?

Dressing up as Buzz Lightyear for Santa’s drive thru and seeing the children's (and parent's) faces.

How have you gained personally from volunteering?

A feeling that I’m doing some good for the community.

Describe Haven House in a few words?

Peaceful, restful but also challenging due to the nature of the care provided here.

What is one thing you would like everyone to know about Haven House?

The hospice cares for the whole family, not just the unwell child.

Do you have any advice for others who are volunteering or people who are thinking of volunteering?

There are always jobs to get done. You can work at your own pace. You don’t have to get it all done in one day. You can always come back and do more.

What’s your favourite thing about Haven House?

 It’s the peace and quiet. Haven House is just beautiful.