Dave is part of our Facilities team. Dave makes sure that everything in the hospice is in good working order so that we are always ready to support our children and families. You'll find Dave around the hospice with a screwdriver, torch, spirit level, always busy fixing, repairing and making sure essential health and safety measures are in place for everyone at Haven House.

Without Dave, the hospice simply could not run and we could not provide the specialist care for our families. Whatever the problem, Dave is here to help sort it out and he is a true hero that works so hard behind the scenes. Every day Dave walks at least 7,000 steps to make sure we are tip top and one of the many jobs he undertakes is descaling the taps around 344 times a year and flushing the taps 3,120 times, at two minutes each, so that’s 6,240 minutes. That's a lot of flushing - all to keep the hospice running for our children and families.

Thank you Dave, you're a star!