Roxanne and the music therapy team offer weekly music therapy sessions to individual children, as well as music therapy groups, and sessions for children staying at Haven House for respite.

Roxanne uses music, her voice, and a variety of musical instruments, to respond to each child’s natural capacity to make music in their own way. Music therapy offers a safe, therapeutic space which can support children’s emotional wellbeing, and help them to communicate and interact with others without the need for words.  Sometimes we create music together in an improvised way, sometimes we explore music and songs that are more familiar. Interactions are led by each child, and during the sessions, they have the freedom to express themselves in whatever way they can. Roxanne responds to any cues such as sounds, gestures, small movements and breathing. 

Roxanne often sings a familiar ‘Hello’ greeting song at the beginning of each session, usually accompanied by piano or guitar. Children and families can get to know this song, which provides routine and context, so children know what is happening next, to mark the beginning of the session, and the transition associated with this. Depending on how children choose to join in, this Hello song can be fast or slow, bumpy or smooth, quiet or loud!

How many times does Roxanne usually sing the ‘Hello’ song each week


How many instruments does Roxanne know how to play: 

4 (violin, saxophone, piano, guitar)

How many music therapy groups usually take place per week


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