Isaac Maxwell Brodie was born on 1 February 2016. Just before he was born, his parents, Rachel and Steven Brodie, discovered that he had a mass on his brain, which was later diagnosed as a tumor in the brain stem. After two weeks of care at University College London Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital and being told there was nothing else that could be done, the family were offered a transfer to Haven House, so that Isaac, Rachel and Steven could spend time together.

We left Great Ormond Street Hospital and went to the hospice where Isaac had his ventilator removed. We were terrified but against all odds he fought for his life, and was able to breathe on his own for six whole days. He was a true champion and extraordinarily brave.

Haven House provided the family with a real home for six days. They gave Rachel and Steven accommodation in the hospice’s family flat, ordered kosher food and supported all of the family’s needs and made them as comfortable as possible. Rachel and Steven were able to concentrate on Isaac 100% of the time knowing that there were nurses on call in the next room if they needed them. One of the most special gifts that the hospice gave Rachel and Steven was the chance to take Isaac outside for a walk to the local coffee shop for the first time. 

The most important gift of all was the confidence and ability Haven House gave us to make sure our little soldier was comfortable and relaxed at all times during those difficult final days. We were able to spend Isaac's last hours together, holding him close, singing to him, praying for him and making sure he knew he was loved more than anything as he made his ultimate journey.

Rachel and Steven experienced all sorts of emotions in the 18 days that Isaac was with them, from the moment they found out about his illness, until the day he died. The hardest thing to deal with was the feeling that none of this was true – that they were living in a bubble or a terrible dream.

The support they received from Haven House has left a lasting impact on Rachel and Steven.

During the absolute worst times of our lives, you helped to make things bearable. In fact, they were much better than bearable – you helped us to enjoy every precious second with our beautiful boy and allowed us to create the most special and precious memories, that give us such comfort now.