Orla was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour in September 2022. Over six months, she underwent intense treatment. In April 2023, she rang the end-of-treatment bell.

Watch our film about Orla and her family. 

Unfortunately, a few months later, the cancer returned, and Orla’s treatment moved to palliative care. She sadly passed away at Haven House in August 2023 aged just 2. 

Mum Naomi said: “When Orla relapsed and there was no longer a cure, we were under the palliative care team at Great Ormond Street Hospital as well as Haven House, as it was our nearest children’s hospice. When we left hospital, we wanted to stay at home as long as possible to make memories with Orla, but she became unwell very quickly. We started having support at home daily from the Haven House team before we then moved to the hospice.”

Haven House provided physical, emotional, and practical support to Orla, her parents Naomi and Adam and her sisters Ava and Poppy. The family were able to be together in our family flat, while Orla received the 24/7 specialist care she needed in her final days. 

Naomi continued: “It took the pressure off us having to be her carers as well as parents. Whilst there, her sisters Ava and Poppy got to take part in music therapy, yoga, woodland trails, outdoor arts and crafts. This helped make it a positive experience for them whilst their baby sister was in her final days. We even got to take Orla outside in the sunshine and sit in the beautiful grounds.”

The staff supported us as a family and made sure we had everything we needed. We cannot express how deeply grateful we are to Haven House for the care and compassion they showed us. The people that work there are truly special people.