Extraordinary in an ordinary day

In September 2022 we will launch our new strategy ‘Delivering the Extraordinary in the Ordinary Day.’ This will be our road map for the next three years, setting out how we will achieve more for children and families at Haven House.

Our strategy has been co-produced with our families, staff, volunteers, commissioners and other stakeholders. We are pleased to have led a North East London wide needs assessment for paediatric palliative care in collaboration with our partners. This will ensure that we develop our services where there is the greatest need so that we can reach as many families as possible.

The strategic plan will support the hospice to deliver our vision of the best quality care for extraordinary children and their families when and where they choose. The plan is underpinned by a series of objectives around enabling choice, expanding collaboration, and increasing our reach.

A three year plan

  • CHOICE: We want to make sure we give families even more choice about what support they need, when and where.
  • COLLABORATE: Working with partners in the NHS, local authorities and other charities to make sure that the experience of children and families that we care for is as good as possible.
  • REACH: We want to find new ways to reach children and families who are in need of the support we can provide, but don’t yet know about Haven House. We want to make sure every local family who needs our help knows how to get it.

We are always in awe of the incredible strength, courage and personalities of the children and families that we support here at Haven House. We know how important our services are to these families, and we look forward to expanding what we do to care even more effectively for the babies, children and young people that are already known to us, expanding the community of families we reach and also working collaboratively with our partners to improve the way that we work together to improve the quality of lives of our beneficiaries.

We will launch our strategy document in September 2022 and show you how we are 'Delivering the Extraordinary in the Ordinary Day.'